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V.N. Tatischev is a founder of Stavropol-upon-Volga (Togliatti)

September 1995 is a year of foundation of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev
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General Information

The faculty of law of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev was founded in 1995. In 2007-2009 academic years there were about 1000 students at the faculty. For the period 2000-2008 there were more than 1300 graduates.

The Research work

Scientific fields are:
  • Constitutional state: theory, history, practice

  • Law of property

  • Social and psychological aspects of crime and criminal personality

The faculty issues on regular basis the collected research works “The Reporter of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev” (“Legal studies”).

The scheduled International Conference “Tatischev readings” held in April 2008 counted 56 scholars from S.-Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk, Samara, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Ulyanovsk, Vladimir, Vladivostok, Rostov-on-Don.

The faculty is well-equipped and has a training ground in order the students could have practice with material evidences, traces, investigative action. Also the University has its own legal clinic which grants legal services to the public.


The students of the law faculty do three kinds of practical work (training, industrial, externship) in:
  • courts

  • prosecutor’s office

  • home affairs bodies

  • legal advice office

  • legal board of AutoVAZ

  • notary’s offices, etc.

The fourth-year students choose their specialization:

  • state-legal

  • criminal-legal

  • civil-legal

The faculty is provided with a material and technical basis: there is a room of legislation classification, a computer class-room, a library, lecture-rooms are equipped with multi-media technique. Also there is a training ground for the students of the faculty to be able to use scientific and technical means for practice. The students acquire their professional skills while rendering legal services to the town people for free in the legal clinic of the University.

The faculty makes researches in directions as follows:

  • problems of the theory of legal liability

  • law of property

  • social and psychological aspects of crime and the criminal

Practical training held in:

  • courts

  • Office of Public Prosecutor

  • office of domestic affairs

  • legal advice office

  • legal administration of AutoVAZ

  • notary’s office, etc

Post-graduate study

Code Designation
12.00.01Theory and history of State and law; history of studies of State and law
12.00.03Civil law; entrepreneurial law, family law, international private law
12.00.08Criminal law and criminology; criminal and executional law
12.00.14Administrative law; financial law; information law

- Волжский университет имени В.Н. Татищева - - Волжский университет имени В.Н. Татищева -

- Волжский университет имени В.Н. Татищева -

- Волжский университет имени В.Н. Татищева -

- Волжский университет имени В.Н. Татищева -
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