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V.N. Tatischev is a founder of Stavropol-upon-Volga (Togliatti)

September 1995 is a year of foundation of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev
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Vestnik of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev

“Vestnik of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev” — all-russian science journals. This is a free tribune for the exchange of opinions on theory and practice in the Russian Federation.

“Vestnik” invites scientists, lecturers, post-graduates, and assistants from state and municipal institutions for cooperation

Since 1998 in Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev compendiums of scientific study of “Vestnik of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev” are published

Law series — 78 Issues

Economics series — 28 Issues

Ecology series — 13 Issues

informatics series — 20 Issues

Humanities and education series — 12 Issues

Our authors are leading and young scientists, specialists in different spheres from all Russia and CIS. The journal offers the information on the most topical questions of legal doctrine and practice, law enforcement practice, IT, ecological and economical problems and as well law and humanities.

The feature of the journal “Vestnik of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev” is the opportunity to learn the opinions of leading science lecturers from Russia and CIS, to learn the main news and tendencies in law development in the countries of “near abroad”. Examination of scientific and practical articles, new studies reviews, conferences materials, published in the journal “Vestnik of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev” allow the readers to orientate themselves in the modern world of science.

The editorial board of the journal “Vestnik of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev” invites scientists, lecturers of higher education institutes, postgraduates and candidates for cooperation and thanks in advance for materials sent with all the requirements met.

The journal publishing periodicity is once a quarter.

The article volume should be of 8-12 pages (A4 format), adjusted in accordance with the requirements.

The price of the journal “Vestnik of VUiT” and the article review is 3800 rubles.

The articles are accepted for publishing only on providing a payment receipt. If the article is not accepted for publication, the author will get the repayment except for 800 rubles (reviewing costs).

Articles publication for postgraduates is free of charge on conditions of providing a reference certified by the postgraduate school with stating the number of the admission order and conformation of studying. The number of postgraduates’ articles in the journal “Vestnik of VUiT” is limited.

Bank details

Purpose of payment: for the journal “Vestnik of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev”, postal code, participant address, family name, name, patronymic.

The scientific article is provided in written form, signed by the author, and in electronic form.

The written form of the work is either sent by post or provided by the author himself to the stated addresses.

The License contract, signed by the author, is appended to the written form of the article. In the texts the following is stated: family name, name, patronymic (fully) of the author(s) in Russian and English, places of employment of all the authors with the addresses, academic degree, academic status, post and contact information (e-mail, telephone number) (in Russian and English).

The payment for original articles are accepted from legal entities on condition that a contract between Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev (institute) and legal entity is set up. The contract should be provided in two copies and sent by the Russian Federation Post to the stated addresses.

The contract form

Editorial boards of the sections of the science thematic journal “Vestnik of VUiT”

The science thematic journal “Vestnik of VUiT” sectionResponsible person for the sectionEditorial boards members in the section
LawPhD in Law, Tsarkov I.I.Doctor of Law, professor V. A. Yakushin
PhD in Law, professor I.I. Tsarkov
Doctor of Law, professor Zhiltsov S. V.
Doctor of Law, professor Kozlikhin I. Y.
Doctor of Law, professor Sundurov F. R.
Doctor of Law, professor Sheyfer S. A.
Doctor of Law, professor Yusupov V. A.
EconomicsPhD in Economics, Syropyatova S. B.Doctor of Economics, professor Nemtsev A. D.
Doctor of economics, associate professor Makarova V. I.
PhD in economics, associate professor Levina L. I.
PhD in economics, associate professor Golicova O. V.
InformaticsDoctor of engineering, Krasnov S.V.Doctor of engineering, Doctor of economics, professor Omelchenko I. N.
PhD in engineering, associate professor Trubacheva S. I.
PhD in engineering, associate professor Kuralesova N. O.
PhD in pedagogic, associate professor Gorbachevskaya E. N.
Humanities and educationPhD in Pedagogic, associate professor Statsuc C. V.Doctor of philology, professor Tyrygina V. A.
Doctor of philology, associate professor Tsvenkova I. V.
PhD in philology, associate professor Lebedeva C. N.
PhD in history, associate professor Zhitinev T.E.
EcologyPhD in biology, Rukhlenko I. A.Doctor of Biology, professor Rosenberg G. S.
Doctor of Biology, professor Galiev R. S.
PhD in biology, associate professor Bykov E. V.
PhD in engineering, associate professor Petryakova O. D.

The deadline for article presentation is a month before publication.

The editorial board may not share the authors’ opinion. The authors are responsible for the content of the article and the translation quality of annotations

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