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V.N. Tatischev is a founder of Stavropol-upon-Volga (Togliatti)

September 1995 is a year of foundation of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev

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INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF FOREST ECOLOGY, 11-17 September 2011, Togliatti, Samara region, Russia


History The year 1997 was that of the university establishing. New divisions and faculties appeared, new promising lecturers were involved. The university conducted the active advertising campaign, confirming the need in economists, lawyers, computer scientists, ecologists, journalists, and philologists to the city. In 2000 Doctor of Law, Professor V. A. Yakushin became the first rector-elect. In October, 2000 VUiT obtained State accreditation certificate...
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Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev

Tatishev Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev is a founder of Russian historical science, geographer and statesman. Having graduated from the Engineering and Artillery school in Moscow, he took part in the Great Northern War (1700-1721) with Sweden, performing missions of Peter the Great. He founded Yekaterinburg, Orenburg, Orsk and Stavropol on the Volga. Tatischev was born in Pskov. In 1704 he entered the army and did military service at Azov's Dragoon regiment, took part in Narva's siege, and was wounded during the Battle of Poltava...
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Courses The department provides education to improve qualification of your staff for programs as follows:
  • Accounting

  • Computer design

  • Staff management

  • Foreign language

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Science There are 15 major research schools.
Since 1998 Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev issues collections of research work of the bulletin «The Reporter of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev»
Since 2004 the annual International scientific and practical conference «Tatischev readings: issues of the day in science and practice»

Post Graduate

  • Ecology

  • Germanic languages

  • Mathematical and tool methods in economics

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International Dept.

International Dept The main purposes of international activity of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev is to integrate into the global educational space as a partner with equal rights; to improve the quality of education in order to prepare the graduate specialists of better quality; to develop research and academic as well as cultural interaction with overseas institutions of higher education.
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Student's research

Students research Research work of students is an integral part of training to prepare qualified experts capable of independent solving professional, scientific and technical problems. Involving students in research contributes to their creativity, ability to use skills and knowledge, received at the university, helps gaining research experience and using their potential on solving issues of the day in various branches of science and technology.
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