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V.N. Tatischev is a founder of Stavropol-upon-Volga (Togliatti)

September 1995 is a year of foundation of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev
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230101.65 - Computing machinery, complexes, systems and nets (engineer)

Objects of professional activity are:

  • computing machinery, systems and nets

  • computer based systems to process information and to control

  • systems for computer-aided design

Basic disciplines

  • electronics

  • foundation of control theory

  • networks and telecommunications (HiPath HG 1500 V3.0, HiPath OpenScape)

  • metrology, standardization and certification (control and measuring devices and analyzers, Siemens P63)

230201.65 - Information systems (engineer)

Objects of professional activity are:

information systems and nets, mathematical, information support and software thereof, ways and methods of design, of checkout, of production and usage of information systems software in machine building, in instrument-making, in science and education, in power engineering, in administrative management, in business, in oil and gas production, in telecommunications, in communications, in engineering procedures control, in medical techniques, in ecology.

Basic disciplines:

  • information techniques

  • information networks (HiPath HG 1500 V3.0, HiPath OpenScape)

  • main control theories

  • system simulation (Teamcenter)

220401.65 - Mechatronics (engineer)

Objects of professional activity are:

Technical systems, plants, machines and machine systems for various purposes built on the basis of mechatronic units used as information sensor units, EUs and control devices. Also it includes robotic systems both for industrial and non-industrial purposes, and necessary program algorithmic support to control these systems, to design and operate.

Basic disciplines:

  • materials science

  • automated manufacturing engineering and instrument-making (NX)

  • theory of automatic control

  • metrology, standardizing and certifying (instrumentation and analyzers, Siemens P63)

The faculty has an up-to-date computer base constituted of 17 computer rooms Pentium IV, there are 4 multimedia laboratories, the room of systematization, the electronic library and a proper intranet. Practical training is provided in computer rooms and in the Direction of information systems of AO “AUTOVAZ”. The students may use INTERNET for their training.

The faculty has laboratories as follows:

  • Information devices and systems

  • Production process and systems simulation

  • Computer design

  • Network engineering

  • Simulation of production process

  • Electronics and electrical engineering

The faculty research directions are:

  • logistics oriented systems in industrial engineering

  • information-organizing systems in enterprise structures

  • information security in telecommunication systems of enterprise structures

  • innovation ITs in training process

  • ITs in industrial engineering

Twice a year the faculty issues the collected scientific articles in “The Reporter of VUiT”, series “Informatics”. Also there are annual scientific practical conferences for professors and students.

Post-graduate training


  • 05.13.13 Telecommunication systems and multicomputer systems

Full-time training lasts 3 years.

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