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V.N. Tatischev is a founder of Stavropol-upon-Volga (Togliatti)

September 1995 is a year of foundation of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev
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Post Graduate Education


  • 03.00.16 Ecology

  • 05.13.13 Telecommunications and multicomputer systems

  • 08.00.05 Economics and management of national economy (economics, arrangement and operation of businesses, industries, complexes; management of innovations; regional economics; logistics)

  • 08.00.13 Mathematical and tool methods in economics

  • 10.02.04 Germanic languages

  • 12.00.01 Theory and history of law and state; history of studies of law and state

  • 12.00.03 Civil law, business law, family law, international private law

  • 12.00.08 Criminal law and criminology, criminal executive law

  • 12.00.14 Administrative law, financial law, information law

Post-graduate study is admissible for people graduated from higher institutions.

Course of training lasts:

  • full-time – 3 years

  • part-time – 4 years

Training programs for both courses are identical.

Before being enrolled for the post-graduate course you need to:

  • Have an interview with your future instructor and discuss the direction of you future research. Also you have to present a report of another scientific work reflecting the subject of your future research

  • Have an agreement of your future instructor signed on your application form addressed to Rector which is a permission to pass entrance exams

  • Present necessary documents to the post-graduate department

Entrance exams are:
  • speciality

  • philosophy

  • foreign language

Contact us

Head of Department – Tamara N. Afonichkina
Address: ul. Leningradskaya, 16, 312
Tel.: (8482) 28-36-09
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