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V.N. Tatischev is a founder of Stavropol-upon-Volga (Togliatti)

September 1995 is a year of foundation of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev
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General Information

Ecological faculty of Volzhsky University is the first school in Togliatti to graduate specialists in natural sciences (biology, ecology, chemistry, land sciences). The faculty is equipped with modern ecological and chemical laboratory, biological laboratory, chemical equipment, up-to-date devices (microscopes, binoculars, biological collections, herbariums, collections of microslides).

The third laboratory – test laboratory of ecological monitoring is equipped with modern devices and used to carry out economic scientific and expert works in applied chemistry and ecology. The laboratory is licensed to certify work places.

The computer room of the faculty is provided with licensed programs meant for research work in bioecology.


Within the partnership the faculty has research cooperation with the Institute of Ecology of the Volga basin of Russian Academy of Sciences, Zhigulevsk State reserve after Spryghin, National Park Samarskaya Luka, and others.

Students of the faculty has a training, industrial and externship practice in various research, nature-conservative and industrial organizations and enterprises of the city.

A graduate ecologist may pretend to the positions as follows: ecologist, junior research assistant, engineer, economist, economist nature manager, environmental protection engineer, trainee researcher in ecology, geochemist, scientific editor, research engineer, and any position connected with teaching in higher institutions, colleges, institutions of secondary education and professional education (teacher).


Field of activity of a graduate ecologist:

  • industrial enterprises including production industries (oil and gas production, mineral source industry)

  • design, exploration, production, research institutions, offices, companies

  • research laboratories

  • environmental companies

  • companies specializing in ecological investigation of real estate

  • companies buying and selling ecological equipment

  • authorities of nature protection and state authorities of nature management (federal and regional institutions of Ministry of Natural Resources of RF, Ministry of Agriculture of RF, State Committee of Ecology of RF, local administrative authorities and other departments and institutions for nature conservation)

  • general and special educational institutions, and others

Design and production activity:

  • impact estimation on environment

  • routine measures for nature conservation

  • planning and examination of social economic and economical activity for territories of various hierarchy levels

  • provision of environmental safety of national economy and other spheres of human activity

  • ecological assessment of various types of design analysis

  • development of practical advice for nature conservation

  • inspection activity, ecological audit

Students of the Faculty have an opportunity to acquire practical skills in city enterprises as follows:

  • Institute of Ecology of Volga basin of Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Zhigulevsk State reserve after Sprygin

  • Centre of State Sanitation Epidemiologic supervision

  • Municipal Board of “Industrial Association of public utilities”, Togliatti

  • OAO “AvtoVAZtrans” – processing of domestic waste

  • Committee of ecology and natural resources, Togliatti

  • Ecological company “Gea”

  • Production complex “Vodokanal”

  • OAO “AutoVAZ”


  • laboratory of bioecology

  • ecological chemical laboratory

  • laboratory of ecological monitoring (certified)

  • specialized room for geography and cartography

  • computer room

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