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V.N. Tatischev is a founder of Stavropol-upon-Volga (Togliatti)

September 1995 is a year of foundation of Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev
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Student’s research

Research work of students is an integral part of training to prepare qualified experts capable of independent solving professional, scientific and technical problems. Involving students in research contributes to their creativity, ability to use skills and knowledge, received at the university, helps gaining research experience and using their potential on solving issues of the day in various branches of science and technology.


The purpose of students’ research: to increase the level of scientific manpower of experts with the high education and identification of talented young people.


  • Creation of facilities to develop and introduce various scientific creativity forms for young people

  • Assistance to all-round education of students, formation of their unbiased self-appraisal, gaining skills to work independently and in teams

  • Participation of students in carrying out applied, fundamental, methodical and pedagogical scientific research in various areas of science and technology

  • Integration of theoretical and practical potential of lecturers and students in order to solve scientific and technical problems in various areas

Organization of students’ research

Professor, lecturers and post-graduate students of the university run students’ research. There exist several types of research:
  • research work included in the educational process: laboratory works, term papers, degree research containing elements of scientific research; tasks completed during the practical and educational training; studying the theory of methodology, organization and carrying out scientific research

  • research work supplementary to the educational process. Independent work of students in the following forms: students research teams; individual research under the supervisors’ control; various scientific seminars, conferences, competitions; special courses, programs, lessons for students interested in research work

  • research work parallel to the educational process: participation of students in research carried out by members of various departments in the higher educational institution

Students’ research teams are organized at the research and special departments of higher schools. In these teams students make summaries and papers on different subjects, design and make visual training aids, prepare information to deliver for research seminars of departments

Students’ research is included in general plans of educational and scientific work of the university. Results of research are covered in the annual report of the institution (faculties, departments) in the special section.

Студенческая наука

Студенческая наука
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